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GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | Seattle

GIRVIN | Strategic Branding & Design | New York

The Rainbow Garden of Herbs

A LEGACY AND LETTERFORM LANDMARK FOR RAINBOW MAGAZINE CALLIGRAPHY AS MAGIC When it comes up to it, the making of marks is an inherently magical proposition; that is: magic is definable as a insight and plane changer. It transforms perception and meaning in the...

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IF YOU’RE GOING TO KNOW. THEN GO. TO GET TO THE HEART OF IT, GET OUT TO IT. At the edge of the whorled. There are those that comment on the state of the this, and the that. It’s the whirl, the spin, the turn and the twist — but does the whorl of a theory...

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THE JOURNEY TO THE HIDDEN CENTER OF THINGNESS [the it]: THE HEART, THE MEANING, THE MEMORY AND THE MOMENT IN THE MOMENTUM IN BRAND MYSTERY. What is the being of a brand? It’s a story. It’s a person. It’s a dream — it’s a visioning to another tier of neo-rightness and...

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THE STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT BETWEEN PRODUCTION DESIGN, STORYTELLING, PLACE-MAKING AND IDENTITY. STRATEGY? SYNCHRONY. I was reminded about brand alignments and world design in a recent posit at FastCompany, on Skyrim. I’ve actually been talking about this a lot in other...

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The Study of Signs: Marks Made Large

Signs are symbols of storytelling, of legend and legacy, of badges that reach out as cards of narrative fortune. There are clues in the cultural rendition of the larger messages of enterprise in the form of signs — and as placards, they offer a...

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